die young and save yourself

My name is Adam. I live in CT. I love music, food, beer, art and lots of other stuff.

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I said I’d never be the same:
possibly for the impact, but possibly for certain. 
I also said that I would never know another you, 
but fate is making me a liar. 

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Funny you should ask // The Front Bottoms
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is everything expensive or am i just poor

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This gem is out today! Basement - Further Sky 7” with heavy duty gatefold jacket. Check out www.runforcoverrecords.com for a list of stores carrying the release. We’re still working on getting the last few hundred pre-orders out, so please be patient. As always you can find it in iTunes, Bandcamp, Youtube, Amazon, Spotify, etc. We also have about 100 copies left on purple vinyl if you haven’t picked one up yet - www.runforcoverstore.com
 Photo by @errorrecords in Champaign, IL

Just got mine yesterday! Love it!

Carlos San Millan 





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